MSDN TV: CLR Method Dispatch Internals

Joe Duffy and I recently did an MSDN TV stint on Method Dispatch Internals. Joe concentrated on the static end of the spectrum, while I talked about late-bound binding and dynamic calling convention. I also appeared with fellow Australian Microsofties at the recent Whidbey Ship party. Lots of fun! 


Good For Nothing Compiler (PDC – TLN410) and other goodies

Joe Duffy and I were really impressed with the amount of people who showed up for the PDC session “Write a Dynamic Language compiler in an hour” at the PDC last month. It confirmed my belief that customers care for details about compiler technologies and the managed libraries that enable them. We promised source download…


CLR Dynamic languages under the hood (Part 1 of many)

There seems to be a fair amount of recent press and blog action surrounding the dynamic or “scripting” language movement, especially when the context includes virtual machines. While I wont bother commenting on why this is the case, I figured I would cook up a few rough notes (and I do stress that these are…