Back from Singapore Rotor Workshop

A month and a half since my last post - I've been slacking off. I do have a good excuse though, visited a couple of countries (more on that), and as a result have been digging myself out of e-mail hell. I'm cooking up the final episode in the series of Late-bound invocation notes, should have that posted out very soon.

Recently, myself and Peter traveled to Singapore for the Asia-Pacific Rotor Workshop, the first RW in the region. It was great fun, had an excellent array of speakers: John Gough, Nigel Perry, Nam Tran, Dominic Cooney, Andrew Gray, Witty, and more. All things languages and virtual machines were talked about, full of all sorts of interesting Rotor and CLI/CLR stuff. Kudos' to the Microsoft Singapore guys for a fun four days, and excellent hospitality. I took a quick photo of some of the speaker lineup, while they listened to a talk - I believe it was Andrew Gray speaking at the time, about his MMTk Rotor port:

Will be back on air with more soon...

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