Rotor Whidbey fun – building and running on Longhorn

Just thought I'd post a small screenshot of Rotor Whidbey running on a Longhorn build - we speculated if it'd even build, but as it turns out, coupled with the latest Whidbey C++ compiler it built and ran fine. As a side tidbit, we've got daily tarballs being generated from the latest CLR source checkins - however sometimes we experience a bit of lag, trying to update the CLR source checkins to be cross platform friendly.

The screenshot is Longhorn with a 5/5/04 build of Rotor Whidbey running “Hello World“.

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  1. r says:

    longhorn is hype and the usual ms flavour of crap. who cares about longhorn.

  2. Joel Pobar says:

    Flavour – British, Australian, or NZ’er? Nevertheless, Longhorn is quite real, and despite its dubious marketing campain, damn good technology. The WinFX guys have done a great job.

  3. Mike Dimmick says:

    So, does this mean there’ll be a new Rotor drop when Whidbey is released?

    I’ll have to admit to reading the Rotor source along with poking around in Reflector when something isn’t working as I’d expect on the .NET Framework.

  4. Joel Pobar says:

    Hi Mike,

    Yes, we’re releasing a Rotor shortly after product Whidbey RTM’s. Currently, Rotor Whidbey and product Whidbey are building out of relatively the same source trees. We intend to keep Rotor as close to the product as possible.

  5. Channel 9 says:

    Joel, gives us some hints in his blog…

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