A fun lunch with a couple of Rotor fans

Just thought I'd quickly shout-out to Justin Rogers and Darren Neimke. Had lunch with these guys today and had a fun time. Justin is doing some stuff over in .NET Terrarium land along with other things, and Darren is a fellow Aussie, over here for the MVP summit - their blogs are full of awesome quality content. As always, they were full of questions and opinions - which reminded me to ask the community: What do you want to know about Rotor?

Feel free to post comments, or e-mail me directly.

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  1. John Li says:

    Has anyone been successful in building Rotor on OS X Panther?

  2. Differences between the commercial CLR and Rotor for areas such as JIT and GC. Support materials for platform porting. Support for private/non academic research into Rotor.

    John – Rotor does compile on Panther but it needs patching (http://www.mondrian-script.org/rotor/).

  3. Joel Pobar says:

    Hey Andew,

    Thanks for the reply. I’ll touch on the "illustrating differences between Product CLR and Rotor" another time.

    Support materials for platform porting – what platform are you looking to port to? What materials would help? We (the Rotor team) would be extremely interested in any porting work you choose to pursue, you should keep us in the loop via the newsgroups (and your blog).

    Support for private/non academic research is something we’re always willing to explore. I believe we funded private research in the last round of Rotor RFP’s.

    Something that is nearly available, yet isn’t well known externally, is the Semiworks project. It’s a mechanism for VM research takeback. Michal is currently the guy in charge of defining the project and it’s takeback mechanisms (http://blogs.msdn.com/michaljc/archive/2004/01/14/58763.aspx). There is no audience restrictions on this, so it’s open to both hobbiest, commercial and academics. The story is nearly baked, I’d keep the ear to the ground for this one. It’s just another example of a research support mechanism we have.

  4. Joel,

    Thanks for the comments. Both Andrew and I have talked at length about these issues.

    Regarding the last round of Rotor RFP’s, as far as I could tell, all awards were to academics only. I had a couple of proposals I had to drop once I found that restriction.

    I will take a look at the Semiworks project, though.

    Thanks again!

  5. Roshan James says:

    Just curious – have you heard of anyone building rotor under windows running SFU such that it builds under a unix environment? I tried doing that – after hours of mucking around chnaging scripts and environment variables I gave up 🙂

    I was actually looking forward to debugging rotor under windows with gdb – just for fun.



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