Enterprise Library – Open Development Model

clip_image002WHAT Last week at the MVP Summit, Microsoft patterns & practices announced the Open Development Model for Microsoft Enterprise Library. This means accepting community contributions for the components and transparent development process. Each component  is aimed at managing a specific crosscutting concern (such as semantic logging, transient fault handing or data validation). They embody Microsoft recommended practices for developing .NET line-of-business applications.

The future assets will be released under Apache 2.0 license. Importantly, we will continue to staff the project by the same Microsoft developers who build it today, and continue supporting it through the same mechanisms (a dedicated sustained engineering team and Premier Support).


The potential benefits for accepting community contributions are as follows:

  • EntLib is a high-profile project with over 4M cumulative downloads and a huge user community. Making a contribution to something of this reach would be used by many thousands of people. This is quite an achievement !!!
  • Development in the open, collaboration with Microsoft dev team and the ability to influence the direction of the project.
  • More rapid code and guidance evolution.
  • Better project decisions due to diversity.
  • Bolstering your CV and proving your competencies.


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