Things #Startups May Not Know About #Azure

Co-founder with PHP Developer Experience, Did you know? Azure Web Sites run PHP by default. Azure Web Sites can be launched with WordPress, Joomla, MediaWiki, CakePHP, and Drupal pre-installed. On Windows PHP developers can use the free yet fully functional WebMatrix IDE to edit PHP, HTML, and JavaScript. All of Azure’s primary services and storage…


Check TechBooks for Windows 8.1 App

TechBooks TechBooks is a handy Windows 8.1 app that brings all the freely available MSDN and Patterns & Practices technical eBooks, in one place for your reading pleasure (online or offline). App is all about the technical content (ebooks) one can leverage to enhance skill sets. App has the following features. Uses Windows 8.1’s new…


Hackathon In-A-Box

Just want to mention this resource from Microsoft’s partner Socrata  -  It is a guide made up of 5 steps which represent the lifecycle of a Hachathon: Step 1: Understanding your goals Step 2: Planning and marketing your event Step 3: Preparing for the big day Step 4: The day of the event Step 5:…