The 11 Phases of a Web Developer’s Career (As Illustrated by Memes)

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE… Here is a MUST SEE to start the week Smile

  • Phase 1 – Noob
  • Phase 2 – The First Steps
  • Phase 3 – Complete Frustration – no, he did not do that! Disappointed smile
  • Phase 4 – The Aha Moments
  • Phase 5 – Fragile Code
  • Phase 6 – Copycat
  • Phase 7 – Cocky
  • Phase 8 – Learning Vim
  • Phase 9 – When code Becomes Art
  • Phase 10 – Seasoned, finally you:
  • Phase 11- Rock Star – Are You?, Prove it! Write an Windows Store app

Oh check the Memes for all 11 Phases

Happy Apping…

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  1. There are also path deviations when, tired of too many or too few aha moments, the programmer turns his face to Project Management, Testing, Application Architect, etc., abandoning the programmer path.

  2. joelcitizen says:

    @Adrian, that is actually so common it almost seems a natural path… some just want to become farmers altogether:-)

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