HOL Machine Configuration

What You Would Need

The HOL sessions are BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Therefore you MUST have the environment configured prior to the event. If you are already running Windows 8 you are half way there. Otherwise, you have to configure it. This could be a dual boot or a virtual machine. We will provide access to an online environment as well but please be mindful of the high demand for internet access so the experience may be hindered due to network latency.

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  • · Windows 8 OS http://bit.ly/NDZgM8
    • (If you own MSDN, you can download the bits from MSDN)
  • · Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate http://bit.ly/OI0mVa
    • (You can also use the Express version for Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8, these are two distinct downloads and environments.)
  • Windows Phone 8 Emulator requirements: The emulator requires that the Microsoft processor in your machine supports SLAT. A lists of Intel and AMD CPUs supporting SLAT can be found here and here(accordingly). you can also download this utility (coreinfo) and run it as coreinfo – v. If it shows an asterisk ( * ) next to EPT (Intel), NPT(AMD) then you are good to go. Otherwise you WILL NOT be able to do the Windows Phone 8 labs. Instead pick a lab from the Windows Phone 7 Training Kit below.


  • This blog entry http://bit.ly/ZsaSc0 offers guidance for configuring the Win8/VS2012 environment on your Mac


We have selected a handful of labs that we recommend you use during the HOL session.

You can find them here http://sdrv.ms/13SkQ8j

You can use the resources below either during the lab or on your own time later.


To play with existing sample apps download them from here https://aka.ms/k2tekm


free/trial tools for developers


  • Think blue sky with Azure free trial




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  1. Greyhound says:

    it says that if it is Windows 8 you are half way there. Otherwise, I have to configure it. Are there any instructions on how to configure it? Why it has to be a dual boot? I currently use Windows 7. Please explain in more detail. Thanks

  2. Joelcitizen says:

    @Greyhound the dualboot is not a requirement just an alternative. By configuring I mean the machine (OS, Tools, etc.). the OS itself is normal installation procedure…

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