Shorties 000: The Q&A Alley, and More…

The Shorties Series

Many times I come across short and direct questions that perhaps are too shot to write up a blog for it. So instead I have decided to create the Shorties Series. On a weekly basis (maybe Fridays) I will publish a collection of shorties. I think it can save developers hunting time because sometimes you just need direct answer to a simple question. Or you don’t need anything but can have an Ah! moment…  I will try to keep it short and to the point.

If/When you come across shorties please send them to me at or share them here (comments)! You know… you can always comment here, it gets lonely at times Smile 

Citizen Developers (Citivelopers? DevCitizens?)

Oh yeah, since I am at it, I am starting a series exploring the subject of Citizen Developers. This is an emerging movement (taking many forms) that I believe will transform society as we know it. That in combination with Cloud technology, Open data and mobile innovations will completely change our way of life and make the towns and cities something we can all call our own.

Open Mic with Joelcitizen

Oh Yea! Since I am on it, I will be holding a Open Mic online session next week on Tuesday19th from 2-3PM EST: Citizen Developers and Windows 8. We will chat about the role of Citizen Developers and how this movement can make a local impact with Windows 8 and Open Data. If you have questions about building for Windows 8 or have ideas for an app or perhaps need some pointers with questions and resources we will talk and chat about it. I will update this post with the info shortly. Don’t Miss It!

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