Windows 8 Journey: Getting ready for app development with tools and templates

Now it's time to begin app development!!!

Making great Windows Store apps involves understanding the key traits of a great Windows Store app. Take time to review the details of these traits in depth.

This documentation helps you get set up with tools and a free developer license, identify the language you want to begin app development in, and build your first app. You can also take a look at this additional resource to:

  1. Get set up
  2. Build your first app
  3. Learn the tools and templates
  4. Learn how to make great Windows Store apps
  5. and finally, Download samples

imageTIP: Explore the Windows 8 app pack
Whether you are developing in C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, or C++, download code samples that cover splash screens, file access, and more to help you get started. And if you have something cool to share with the community, you have an opportunity to upload your sample too.

Interested in building your first Windows Store app with FREE professional guidance ?  join GenerationApp for Windows 8.

You will always have this list of Windows 8 resources at your disposal:


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