Windows 8 Journey: Category guidance for Windows Store apps

Great Windows Store apps that deliver consistent, elegant, and engaging user experiences share some key traits. Please review the UX guidelines that cover touch interactions, snapping and scaling, tiles and notifications—everything needed to make your app compelling.

You can then identify the category of app you are creating to dive deeper into resources uniquely relevant to that category. For example, if you are building a game, your design considerations will require additional thought about layout and navigation, state management, and player accounts. Similarly, for a government app, you need to consider best layout for displaying of data in full-screen, commanding and navigation across things like media clips. Use this documentation to review designing great government productivity apps.

imageTIP:  Windows Phone to Windows 8: View States using Visual State Manager.

There are a number of design considerations when moving your Windows Phone app to Windows 8. The UI is the largest. Learn more about creating your new Windows 8 UI using View States.

You can still join the GenerationApp’s 30-to-launch program. Your Idea. Your App. 30 Days.

You will always have this list of Windows 8 resources at your disposal:


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