Windows 8 Journey: Planning your Windows Store app

When you are ready to turn your app idea into reality it is important to think less about the features you want to include and more about the experience you want to provide to your users. We recommend that you follow these steps to plan your Windows Store app:

    1. Decide what your app is great at
    2. Decide what user activities to support
    3. Decide what features to include
    4. Decide how to monetize your app
    5. Design your UI for your app
    6. Make a good first impression
    7. Prototype and validate your design

Dive into these detail steps to help plan your Windows Store app.

Make sure to watch this video which provides an overview of the design themes you can use.

imageTIP: Moving a Windows Phone app to Windows Store app.

This can be a simple and fun. Learn how you can get started.

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You will always have this list of Windows 8 resources at your disposal:


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