Porting Windows Phone 7 to Windows 8 (Metro)

Excellent MSDN article covering the porting process for Windows Phone 7.x apps to Windows 8.


  • Preparing to port a Windows Phone 7 Silverlight app
    • Five considerations before beginning the porting process
  • General porting process
    • Nine easy steps to quickly optimize time to market
  • Improving maintainability
    • Four techniques to make it easier to maintain your app on multiple platforms
  • Porting your user interface
    • Most of the layout types from Silverlight, such as Canvas, Grid, and StackPanel, are also present in the Windows Runtime XAML namespaces.
  • Differences between Silverlight and Metro style apps using XAML
    • Describes some key differences but you should consult the API reference to determine exactly which features are supported.
  • Mapping Windows Phone 7 APIs to Windows Runtime APIs
    • Rough mapping of Windows Phone 7-specific APIs to their Windows Runtime counterparts

read on http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/hh465136.aspx 

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