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My very first post!

So, my very first post on my shiny new blog!

I should probably say a little about me otherwise nobody will know who I am or what I do and that might be sort of pointless…
My name is Joe Hegarty and I’m a Network Programmer at Lionhead Studios which is part of Microsoft Game Studios, I’m currently working on Fable III and my job is basically to write the code that deals the multiplayer aspect of the game alongside the other Gameplay Programmers who specialise in other areas. This blog is not specifically for game development or Fable, you can check out the news on the Lionhead website for Fable 3. There are lots of sites about game development but I would advise looking into XNA if you’re starting out.

As a network programmer a lot of the time I work on quite a low level (memory management, bit packing and the like) and I intend to focus on that in my blog. As I’m a C++ programmer the majority of what I post will naturally be in C++. However, I have been known to use C and ASM where appropiate and I’m always keen to learn something new! Recently I have been working on a TLSF heap allocator in my spare time and if I get it finished that might make up my first “proper” post.

I hope this blog will at least be somewhat informative or interesting.