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Parallel Programming at Microsoft for .NET

As I have made clear in my some of my previous posts I’m very interested in concurrent and parallel programming. There are many problems in achieving good parallel code which I discussed in my post on Concurrency in the Games Industry. Recently I have be scouring resources all over the internet and at work to… Read more

Concurrency and the Games Industry

Ever since I played my first Massively-Multiplayer game I have been addicted. Not to the games, but to know how they can possibly work. Managing thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of simultaneous players is no small feat. When I moved to the games industry from the (rather less interesting) business sector, I was therefore very… Read more

My very first post!

So, my very first post on my shiny new blog! I should probably say a little about me otherwise nobody will know who I am or what I do and that might be sort of pointless…My name is Joe Hegarty and I’m a Network Programmer at Lionhead Studios which is part of Microsoft Game Studios, I’m currently… Read more