XHTML output part 3

Zeyad has posted more information on the XHTML output from Word’s new blog feature: Word XHTML – Mapping styles to semantics. Please read and comment. Thanks.

Blog post XHTML output part 2

Zeyad has more details on the XHTML output of the blog feature. His latest post focuses on compliance and styles. Give it a read and add your thoughts via comments.

HTML Output Spec

As I promised, we are posting details of the HTML output spec for the blog feature and are interested in getting your feedback. We’ve decided to host this on Brian Jones’ blog, since the spec is of interest to his readers as well. Feel free to make your way over there and give us your…

Word Blog HTML Quality

Every post you make as a blogger can be a huge learning experience. In Friday’s post on the new Word 2007 blog post authoring feature I made a fairly modest claim that the HTML emitted by the feature would be better than the standard HTML from previous versions of Word. Well, it is, but I…


Blogging from Word 2007

Word is a great tool for writing stuff, right? Blogging is all about communicating with words (and pictures, too). So, why not use Word to write your blog posts? Stop, don’t jump to the end of this post to push the comment button yet. I’m not an idiot. I’m not endorsing you commit HTML suicide….