What more can you add to a Microsoft Word?

This is a common question for all of the Microsoft Office applications, but particularly so for Word. It’s a close relative to the question, “Aren’t you finished with Word yet?” Recently one of my nephews visited from Oklahoma. After seeing the Microsoft Visitor Center and playing with the Xboxes there, he joked that I must…


New Office "12" file format news

If you haven’t made your way to Brian Jones’ blog, do so immediately. He’s announced some very exciting news Microsoft’s plans to standardize the new Microsoft Open XML formats. Also, Scoble has an interview with Jean Paoli regarding the news. We are so excited about all the opportunities that exist for our customers and partners around…


Beta 1 Ships…

Okay, okay. Office 12 beta 1 shipped. I’ve procrastinated as long as possible, but now I’ve really got to start sharing about all the amazing stuff we’ve done in Word 12. So, without futher ado I will start posting. Really. You’ll see stuff soon. I promise. Seriously, I’m not kidding. 😉


I’m gonna post something, really!

Now that Microsoft Watch has linked to my blog I really must get things going. Shortly after the last post I made the decision to hold off on posting much until Office “12” beta 1 was out the door. You don’t need to wait much longer and I promise there are loads of great things for…


Who am I

It’s time to get this blog jump started. Best laid plans of mice and men and all. But first a little background on me. I’m the lead program manager for Microsoft Office Word. That means I manage the team that designs the new features in Word. If you’ve been reading any of the other Microsoft…


Subscribe to Office 12 Preview News

The Office 12 Preview Site now has an RSS feed that you can subscribe to so that you can get the latest and greatest news. Here’s more info on how to use the Office 12 RSS feed.


Office 12 goes public

Well, the news is out. If you watched the PDC keynote this morning you know that Office 12 is a huge leap for us. Chris did a great job demoing the new user experience (of course, I wish he spent more time on Word). Here are some great places to look for additional info: Julie…


Hello World

Not much can be said now, but in just a couple weeks all sorts of great news will be coming out about Office 12. I’ll be sharing information about our plans for Microsoft Word. Can’t wait to spill the beans! Until PDC my lips are sealed.