Help Microsoft Office 2007 ship a better product

The Microsoft Word team needs your help!

As many of you know, we have changed the look of the default document in Microsoft Word 2007. Today we are interested in collecting insight and perceptions of the new default fonts in Word.

Please take our survey, it won't take more than 5 minutes to complete. Only those of you who have installed and used Office 2007 Beta 2 need apply.

Click here to participate

This feedback is important and meaningful as we gain insight into the usage of Office 2007. Thanks for your help!

Comments (6)

  1. Rowan says:

    Who wrote this survey? There’s a typo in the first word on the first question, and screenshots are posted as very blurry JPEGs which are difficult to make out.

  2. n-blue says:

    It’s done. Thanks for making this survay. It’s great that your hear what user prefer.

  3. Mario Goebbels says:

    I took the opportunity of the final comment question as means to complain about the lack of OpenType feature support in Word. It’s a font issue after all, because no matter how shiny the fonts are, they are being held back, see especially ligatures and different number lining. :V

  4. Mohammed Alamin says:

    I would like to thank you for the best tool you added to MS office 2007. especially the referencing too (citation and Bibliography) I would appreciate if it contain a command to import other referencing software files like Endnote and other softwares. What I mean here is if I have a list of references in othercitation program I can convert them through word to list them automatically in word referencing tool.

    I hope you understood my point

    Thank you

  5. Kiko says:

    I hope the Office team considers those using CRT monitors. Right now, even if I turn off Cleartype, some Office UI elements *still* use it. It’s very difficulty to read, it’s too blurry.

    Please don’t assume that everyone uses LCD monitors. That’s all.

  6. Vaibhav Garg says:

    This blog has seen an entry after more than a month. If there are no posts for over a month, do you expect the readers to be daily visitors to it? If you update it in more than a month, should you discontinue the survey after less than 10 days have elasped?

    I am a regular( Read daily) visitor to the excel blog and the UI blog(by Jensen Harris) just because they can take the time out to update it atleast thrice a week. What you can do is update it atleast thrice a month, if not more.

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