Senator John Edwards

Chris introduced John Edwards by begging the audience to be nice. This could be interesting.

The Senator says he came to listen, not to make a speech. So, Marc Canter is taking him up on it. Marc is very focused on cojones today. Marc described himself as a 3rd generation "red diaper" baby (meaning he, his parents and his grandparents are communists). He wants a democrat who is willing to take a stand on important issue and not waffle. Lot's of random political statements and questions follow.

Chris is trying to get people to focus on tech issues:

  • Concerns about spying and privacy issues
  • Concerns about net neutrality
  • What are the big changes coming in politics (it was blogs in the last election, maybe)

The Senator's web site has a lot of very interesting stuff. He's a very attractive and appealing person. It will be interesting to watch him.

Comments (1)

  1. Mark Trevithick says:

    John Edwards, Red Diaper babies, and CPFs have what to do with Word?

    The only Red Diaper baby of noted intelligence is David Horowitz.  He through his intellect and reasoning saw through the lies and diabolical attacks in our education system.

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