Dave Dederer on stage

You know it is a strange conference when Dave
Dederer, non-touring member of Presidents of the United States of America, is on stage just before Senator John Edwards.

Dave is talking about how he's no longer in the music business but is now in the ecommerce business. Interesting ideas:

  • Most artist are in the business of marketing to skinny tails
  • IODA, Promonet
  • Endgame: Everyone can be a store, everyone can distribute
  • Marc Canter is calling iTunes (Apple) nasty names. His view is that iTunes is essentially another big music company that wants to screw the artist.
  • Online music space is at ½ percent of potential
  • For any CD there is 100 hrs of recordings. The net provides a vehicle for more of that to get distributed. (b-sides, remixes, etc.)
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