Praise from Mr. Macintosh

A nice complement from Guy Kawasaki on the blog feature in Word 2007. I was a pretty hardcore Mac user from 1986 - 1994 and always thought that Guy did an amazing job evangelizing the Mac platform.

"And speaking of Microsoft, I tried using Word in Office 2007 running under Parallels. It’s pretty good as a blogging tool that combines editing and posting. Definitely something to try if you’re stuck in the other world."

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  1. Guy Kawasaki says:


    You guys are so close with making Word great for blogging. People like me need to be able to select text and add tags like <ol>, <ul>, <li>, and to have paragraphs within ordered and unordered lists that are not numbered or bulleted.



  2. I agree with Guy.  At first blush, it looks seriously promising.  But you could go further!  The top feature requests from movable type –which can be easily discerned from the plugins that 80% of their customers implement– should be super easy to add in to word, frankly.  The fact that you can’t really get an accurate preview without a plugin is pretty ridiculous at this stage.

    Don’t know as much about wordpress and typepad. And my other confession: while I viewed all the online previews since you started showing it online, I haven’t actually installed my version of the word beta yet (I was in the middle of downloading during your server crash) …but nonwithstanding the hypocrysy of critiquing something you haven’t tried… here’s my FANTASY FEATURE set: if the whole premium office suite had an "online publish/modify" component for remote collaboration, with an idiot-proof CMS built in…much like Avid’s Interplay, but without the SAN requirement (which puts it out of the ballpark of most small-to-med businesses) that would ROCK.  

    If you want to leapfrog Google in the online tool-building and get to a place where everyone’s using ASP b/c there’s major value prop there, that’s where I would go with this new release.  But cheers to the direction you’re taking: it’s right-on.

  3. Joe, blogging from Word 2007 b2 is a great feature. Tried it just now for the first time to my WordPress blog (on my server, not Worked a treat.

    If you can fix the known issues – incorrect date/time and no categories – then this will be a credible tool, giving other blog editors a serious run for their money.

    The date/time issue is the most serious. A showstopper, in fact.

    It’s almost there! What news on a fix?

  4. Louis says:

    Is MAC the Education-friendly computer system?  Are more schools and universities resorting to MAC computers?

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