Over 500,000 Served

No wonder our servers were having trouble keeping up with capacity. As of this afternoon we've seen over 1/2 million downloads of Office 2007. I'm so psyched! Now let's hope that everyone can get activated.

Comments (6)

  1. k says:

    i had activation problems for the first couple of days.  it seemed to work properly yesterday evening though.

  2. JJMiranda says:

    If you do not have a connection to Internet. How you can to activate office 2007 Beta?

  3. Jfriend says:


    If you don’t have a connection to the internet, how did you download it? I’ll assume you’ve copied the bits to a CD and are installing it on a unconnected machine. In which case, I don’t have an answer for you, but I’m checking!

  4. deadcantdance says:


    I’m very excited about Office 2007 and I love working with all the new programs. However, I found some bugs and have reported them to the Office team. Will there be another public release, maybe RC0, RC1 or any other milestone?

  5. Katina Adams says:

    I finaly got activated yesterday, I was so happy. I took the training on how to use the ribbons, at first i have to admit i was a little confused, but now i, wow i found new things i never knew how to do. I can’t wait to get the full version!

  6. Office 2007 beta 2 it’s fantastic. Congratulations to Microsoft for that. Excuse me for my language, I’m spanish.

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