Office 2007 Beta 2 now available

Beta 2 is officially released and is available for download right now. Drop what you're doing and proceed immediately to the 2007 Microsoft Office system preview site to get your copy. Have fun!

FYI, Windows Vista Beta 2 is also available for MSDN & TechNet subscribers. Broader availability will be announced later.

Comments (6)

  1. Sahil Malik says:

    The download speeds remind me of .NET Beta2.

  2. erik paul says:

    The beta download site is currently down.  I am dying to download this!

  3. LGFN says:

    Hi Joe,

    I just want to know if you are in charge of the drawing in Word, because as I see, It’s really teribble! in PowerPoint it is wonderfull, but why don’t they put all these features of PowerPoint in Word?!

  4. Jfriend says:

    Downloads should work now.

    Also, LGFN, more on drawing in Word later. But you’re correct that we don’t have the cool stuff that PowerPoint does.

  5. Scott says:


    I was all excited about upgrading my Office 2003 installation yesterday – only to find I now can’t connect to my Company’s exchange server.  After doing a little research I found that Outlook 2007 does not connect to Exchange Server 5.5 anymore (even though, reports say it worked in an earlier beta).  I’m bummed that I’m going to have to go back to 2003.  Anyone have a workaround???

    btw, The error message you get is: "The resource

    that you are trying to use is located on an unsupported version of Microsoft Exchange Server"

  6. Jfriend says:


    Sorry about the hassles with Outlook and Exchange 5.5. I didn’t know the answer to your question, so I checked with the Outlook team. Here’s the answer:

    "Like most products, Microsoft Exchange 5.5 has a lifecycle that ends with the termination of support.  Exchange ended extended life-cycle support on January 10th, 2006.  As a result, Outlook 2007 will not support Exchange 5.5.  Because neither the Outlook or Exchange team is supporting this combination we will not discover and/or fix issues that crop up as the result of innovations in both products .  Rather than subjecting customers to potential serious issues like data loss or frequent server downtime we choose to prevent Outlook from connecting to these older and now unsupported servers.

    For more details on the Exchange 5.5 support life cycle see the following page –"

    Again, sorry for the troubles!

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