Is Your PC Vista Ready?

I've been running Vista on my work desktop PC for several weeks now. I've got to admit that I'm enjoying it. Will your PC be able to run Vista? Check out the new Vista Upgrade Advisor that will evaluate your PC for you.

If you've been ignoring all the talk around Vista since it was called Longhorn, then you should check out all the new features that the Vista team is bringing your way.

Vista and Office 2007 look pretty slick together, for sure!

Comments (5)

  1. Blake Allen says:

    I’m running dual Xeon 3.2/4GB/RAID10/X1900XTX with XP x64 and the Vista Upgrade Advisor fails with the message:

    "Must be running XP or Vista for the Upgrade Advisor to run…"

    Weird huh?

  2. Dave says:

    Same error here:

    "Must be running XP or Vista for the Upgrade Advisor to run…"

    Running XP x64 Edition on dual Xeons.

  3. Rosyna says:

    How odd, I read the title as "Is Your Vista PC Ready" and thought this was going to be some existential post about the current state of PC software. Sigh.

  4. Jfriend says:

    Hmmm. Not sure why the Vista Upgrade Advisors is failing. Well I guess that is why they labled it "Beta."

  5. Expected better... but shouldn't have says:

    "Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor could not run Winsat. System compatibility status could not be evaluated."

    Doesn’t work and it’s 12mb… about what I’d expect from anything associated with Vista.

    This from an msft stockholder  🙁


    2 yo pc, with XP pro sp2 512RAM, IE6 sp2, w/out USB devices

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