How do they find the time?

I'm amazed by some bloggers ability to write tons of blog posts. Jensen, Dave, Brian, and all the other Microsoft Office bloggers are doing an incredible job writing interesting content for their blogs. Blogging was definitely much easier when I was overseas and lived on what Indonesians call "rubber time."

Of course, Office 2007 is an amazing product and makes the job "easy". Word 2007 is certainly a big part of that and I'm super excited about it. So, in that spirit it is time to get this blog going.

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  1. Step says:

    Still here, still hoping… you could say I’m the optimistic sort – or just accuse me of not cleaning out my feeds…  😀

    I’d love to hear about sections, headers and footers, and how Word 2007 makes these easy to use (I’m hoping!)…

  2. john says:

    Yes, step that would be nice… I would like be able with just a single click be able to have footer’s formatted correctly for various notation styles. As I primarily use CMS, I have teneded to just use WP if I’m goign to do footnotes and not sending the doc via e-mail, since WP defualt has been CMS stlye, while with word I always had to mess around to get footer set correctly for CMS, if they had on a footer context tab buttons to instantly stlye the footers between several main notation styles it would be great.  (Even if not for 2007, at least think about it for the next version of ofice PLEASE.

  3. John says:

    Sorry… I aggreed with you on headers/footers… and then went onto discuss footnotes….. gerrr but It wpould be nice to have all of these things working better and easier

  4. Jfriend says:

    Step, Thanks for hanging in there with me! We’ve definitely done some work on headers & footers, not so much on sections 🙁

    John, I’m not following you in your reference to CMS. This acronym is used for several different things, so can you clear up my confusion?

  5. Step says:

    Oh well.  Thanks for responding – at least I know not to get my hopes up high about sections yet then.  🙂

    The header and footer work will probably be enough to make my day, anyways (along with whatever else you guys have done and the obvious, wonderful, usability improvements)!  

  6. Gary McGill says:


    I’ve been following this non-blog for a while, hoping that some content would appear. The one thing I really wanted to hear was that the unholy mess that is sections in Word had finally been sorted out.

    So, in the first post for many months (OK, in the comments), the first thing that comes to light is… sections have not been fixed.

    Aaaargh! Bring on Office 2013.

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