What if tomorrow never came?

Okay, I suck as a blogger. No way to deny it. My last post (from 11/27/05) ended with "More tomorrow..." and then silence. I've got a lot of good excuses (including the dog ate my blog server) but I'll save 'em for the next time I screw up. Let's just say that we're super busy getting the best version of Word ever ready for you.

So, am I really going to blog? Well, yes and no. I and others from the Word team will be blogging on the cool new stuff in Word 2007, but we will probably start in earnest closer to the beta 2 release date. If you want to get on the list for beta 2 then make sure and register now.

Thanks for your patience and the nice emails I've recieved with all your questions and feature suggestions. Keep 'em coming!

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  1. Asad says:

    Hi Joe,

    I’m not sure if you, of anyone else here has tried this.  How would you programmatically embed something (like an text file) into a word document.  It’d have to be inside the "docembeddings" folder, but I’m not sure if this is something you can do through code.  


  2. bored says:

    "we will probably start in earnest closer to the beta 2 release date"

    Point being? Anyone who wants to see new Word would get it on this date.

  3. Carlos Bohórquez says:

    Regarding last post….one of the coolest aspects of these postings is the INSIDE view of the development of the new features. Thanks for posting, and keep the good work!

  4. John says:

    Offtopic but I want to rant a bit about the Paste vs. Paste Special in Word (and many other programs). PLEASE make it possible to set Paste to ALWAYS inherrit the destination format. In all the copy/pasting that I do, in less than 1% of the situations have I ever wanted to keep the source formatting. This is really an annoying feature to have to constantly work around. I curse it almost ever time.

  5. nojetlag says:

    It would really be great if you could blog more, the Excel 12 blog is a fantastic example

  6. I returned to Microsoft  (after a 7 year hiatus) in late 2003 just as the Office 2007 effort was getting…

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