Reps Make Better Sales Calls Decisions with Mobile App for "CRM Call Planner"

nfoGrow announces a mobile app for its popular “CRM Call Planner” module.  The CRM Call Planner takes CRM information and, through the power of Bing Maps, creates a visual representation of accounts and contacts on an online real-world map.
This helps sales reps to better plan sales calls.  A big plus for users is that the app works without CRM being installed on the mobile device.

And now, with a mobile app for tablets and smart phones, reps can respond to last-minute customer needs and prospect leads -- on the road. Using the CRM Call Planner, with or without the mobile app, is easy, selecting by radius, type of company, sales volume, and more within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

InfoGrow's mobile app is in keeping with current trends; for example, according to market-research firm, IDC, three out of ten C-suite executives say that: (a) CRM is the most wanted mobile application, and (b) mobile CRM and social capabilities are boosting productivity for sales workers by 25%.

With visualized sales information, maps point the way for marketing and sales teams to make better decisions for their limited time resources. If a picture tells a thousand words, then a map tells ten thousand.

Learn more at and sign up for a demo today!


John O'Donnell, Technical Evangelist, DPE
Microsoft Corporation

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