Windows Phone launches and delivers up to 30+ devices over the coming months – one device does not fit all

Years ago when you wanted to buy a car you had one choice of car and one choice of color and it was black. Consumers deserve choice so why do some companies still only deliver a few devices which means you, the consumer has to compromise your decision process and choose the device that is available rather than the device that you actually want. Over the years we have seen Microsoft deliver mobile devices in many different form factors such as devices with keyboards, some without, different screen resolutions and so on. You as the consumer may think that this is confusing but the reality is that in today's world you deserve the right to make your mind up. After all, only you can choose which device is right for you.

Today we launch Windows Phone on a number of devices. You can read about this here.

Once you have looked at the press release take a look at our Windows phone web site

Which Windows Phone will you buy, and yes if you really want one you can have a Windows phone in black 🙂


John O'Donnell
Microsoft Dynamics ISV Architect Evangelist
Microsoft Corporation




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