XNA and Zune development

If you have seen the news of the last few weeks about the upcomign ZuneHD you might have wondered if you can write code for it and specifically games. Well of course the answer is yes! However we take it one step further in that using a tool called XNA you can write your games for the PC, the awesome Xbox 360 or Zune! Of course instead of forcing you to learn and code your games in some obscure language, with XNA you can write your games using the same language you use to build your business applications - C#

This video produced by Chris Bowen walks us through the process of creating an XNA game. It is pretty amazing to me that you can code a game on your PC in your home office then deploy it to your Xbox 360 sitting in oyur family room. Is there any other gaming platform that makes it so easy for a hobbyist to create games for a console?


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