Sometimes hotel TV can be cool!

So there I was surfing through all the tv channels on my hotel tv looking for either the Discovery channel or History channel when I cam across something interesting. You see the hotel provider was Dish network. Channel 210 was a view of earth from the Dish satellite orbiting at (I assume) a geostationary orbit of around 22,000km. Normally when a satellite provider offers a view of earth from space I would normally expect them to send the image to their operation center then clean it up and then rebroadcast. In this case it appears to be a live image from an onboard camera as in this case the satellite was almost on the dark side of the earch and was getting close to staring directly in the sun so much glare etc.

 Well I thought it was cool anyway 🙂


John O'Donnell
Microsoft Dynamics ISV Architect Evangelist
Microsoft Corporation




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