Adding to your application / data integration toolbox for Dynamics CRM

With every installation of Dynamics CRM there is always data. When was the last time your client said hey just install CRM and we'll start adding data from that point onwards! Actually I have seen this once and only once. In some cases you may be only required to perform an initial data load and in other cases you might have to create an ongoing complex multi database data load. Every installation is different and that is why it is good that we have multiple tools available to get data into Dynamics CRM

Over the years I have been asked how do I get data into Dynamics CRM both as a one time load and on ongoing integration. As we get each new release of Dynamics CRM the answers usually change. If you need to get data into Dynamics CRM 4.0 here are the current methods that I am aware of. (if you know of any others let me know please!)

  • Import Wizard

  • Data Migration Manager

  • Scribe Insight (

  • Custom code - roll your own solution using your favourite .NET language

  • Microsoft Biztalk Server

  • CastIron - See a video demonstration of this solution here

Every good Dynamics CRM consultant needs a good well stocked toolbox when doing deployments. CastIron hsa entered the market for Application / Data integration solutions with a hardware bsaed appliance. Yes you read that correctly, CastIron is a solution that comes not on a CD but instead comes as a prebuilt ready to go server. In addition they also offer a cloud based solution.

Getting your data story right with a Dynamics CRM installation is critical to the initial and long term success of the project and hence customer satisfaction. CastIron now offers a new way to graphically map data between different end points in a painless manner.

Check them out at 


John O'Donnell
Microsoft Dynamics ISV Architect Evangelist
Microsoft Corporation






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