Dynamics CRM User Group (CRMUG)

While at Worldwide Partner Conference 2008 I had the chance to connect with Andy Hafer from the Dynamics Communities user groups and talk about the Dynamics CRM User Group. If you are looking to connect and talk about Dynamics CRM with other users of the product take a look at this description and consider signing your company up for a free 90 day trial.


Looking to connect with other CRM users? Want to talk to someone who’s been there/done that?  Looking for fresh approaches, new ideas for making the most of your CRM functionality?  Join the Dynamics CRM User Group (CRMUG), an association of companies sharing the common interest of optimizing their usage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This independent community of users gets together through conferences, virtual meetings, regional chapters and online forums to network, share knowledge and best practices. Membership and active participation in CRMUG can make all the difference in the effective use of your Dynamics CRM software. 


Serving individuals and companies using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the user group:


• Is a forum for learning and professional development

• Provides collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing

• Is a source for unbiased information

• Is an advocate for member needs and priorities

• Serves as a collective voice ("conduit") to Microsoft and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partners, ISVs, and Vendors

• Promotes awareness of Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality, products, and services, as well as ancillary/partner products and services


For more information or to sign up for a 90 Day Free Trial membership, visit www.crmug.com.



John O'Donnell
Microsoft Dynamics ISV Architect Evangelist
Microsoft Corporation
 (b) http://blogs.msdn.com/jodonnell

 (b) http://blogs.msdn.com/usisvde

 (w) https://channel9.msdn.com/Wiki/DynamicsCRM/HomePage/


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