Microsoft Launches WorldWide Simulated Robotics Competition

Today we have launched an awesome new web site called RoboChamps

 This site is aimed at getting people working with Microsoft Robotics Studio in a simulated environment. Over time there will be challenges added to test how well you can code the robot to handle them such as getting through mazes and avoiding obstacles etc. As well as the challenges the site also has many training resources to get you up to speed on things like VPL and the CCR. If you have not seen Microsoft Robotics in action you really need to take a look at this great programming environment called the Visual Programming Language

 Of course running in a simulated enivornment is one thing but like all big kids we wll want to have our own robot running around on our desk. With Microsoft robotics you can actually write code that can be run on a Lego Mindstorms robot. Now you no longer need an excuse to step into a Toys R Us store. (your researching robotics!)

 Over the last few years the entry price to get into robotics has been greatly reduced and a site like RoboChamps can only serve to get young technologists excited about building and coding their own robots.

If you are wondering why you are reading about robotics on a web site devoted to Microsoft Dynamics products...well....Microsoft Robotics Studio in my view ranks very high in terms of coolness but also long term the technologies in this product definately have relevance in the business world.

More in later postings

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