Screencasting 101

Over the last few weeks I have got into screencasting. This involves sitting by yourself in a quiet room with your workstation and a camcorder and recording yourself interacting with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 (in my case). Sounds easy doesn't it. Just have to say it's not :-). Talking to a client about Microsoft Dynamics is one thing. Sitting in a room by yourself talking to a camcorder is a totally different experience. In my case I find that I usually record best when the day is over, the family is asleep and there is absolutely no emails or calls coming in. Of course recording late at night can also mean lighting can be a challenge but thats another story.

One you are are all settled in and ready to record it now turns into a game of record the entire screencast without making a mistake. These first few screencasts have taken a couple of tries each. Of course I could have continued on but then I would have to start editing the bad bits out. For a 10 minute screencast it is usually quicker to record from scratch. Anyway here are the links to the first two. Any constructive comments appreciated

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 : Report Wizard 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 : Installation

 John O'Donnell

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    Great job on the screencasts!  It would be great to learn how you actually created these.  I know you mention the camcorder but what tools did you use to sync the video and capture the screen session.

    Also, if your looking for additional suggestions for new screencasts, I personally would love to see some overview/ basics on Dynamics CRM customization.

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