ISV’s working hard at our ISV Incubation Week event in Reston.

It is 8:30pm here at the Microsoft Technology Center in Reston and our ISV Incubation week ISV’s are still here working hard on their Dynamics CRM development projects and preparing to present to a panel of venture capitalists on friday. So far its been a great event hosted by Sanjay Jain and the opportunity to bounce…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Incubation Week – An event you do not want to miss!

   If your new to the world of developing solutions on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and also how to market and sell them then take a look at an exciting event being put together by my colleague Sanjay Jain. This event will see your team putting together a new CRM solution and presenting it at the…


Are you twittering?

Still getting used to it but currently trying my hand at twittering over at Bit strange trying to write content with so few characters but of course the plus side is you really have to think about what you have to say 🙂 John O’DonnellMicrosoft Dynamics ISV Architect EvangelistMicrosoft Corporation (b)  (b)  (w)…


Learn all about Microsoft Dynamics Mobile

Our final Dynamics session will give you insight into our Microsoft Dynamics Mobile product.  Part 6: Dynamics Mobile as a platform Date: 11/24/2008 09:00AM PST Trainer: Bert Berkholder Course Description Concluding this series of webinars, join Bert Burkholder from Microsoft in a session focused on the story of Microsoft Mobile and in particular the Microsoft Dynamics Mobile…


Web Seminar Series – Why ISV’s are Partnering with Microsoft Dynamics

  Special InvitationWhy ISVs are Partnering with Microsoft DynamicsWeb Seminar SeriesNovember 17–24, 2008Have you ever thought about developing on Microsoft Dynamics®? If you have, this is your chance to put those ideas into action. If you haven’t, this is the moment to start thinking. Our new series of six Web seminars, entitled Why ISVs are…


I’ve always liked the idea of learning only one programming language on all platforms

So over the course of my short? career I have worked and played with a number of programming languages which I will list just for fun. Basic Borland Turbo Pascal 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 (Yay Anders Hejlsberg!) Borland Delphi  C Microsoft Access Basic 1.0, 20 Microsoft Excel and Project Visual Basic for Applications Embedded Visual Basic…


Interview with Steve Ballmer and Brad Wilson in July 08 CRM Magazine

Great to see coverage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the July 08 issue of CRM Magazine. In addition to reading Steve’s thoughts on CRM you will also read the current numbers of users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Brad Wilson. John O’DonnellMicrosoft Dynamics ISV Architect EvangelistMicrosoft Corporation (b)  (b)  (w)   


CRMUG Summit 2008 – Las Vegas

Meet other Microsoft Dynamics CRM user veterans, Microsoft Support resources, and other product specialists at the first CRM User Group Summit, September 22nd to the 24th in Las Vegas, NV at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa.  You will be able to participate in information-packed educational sessions, role-based tracks and professional networking sessions. The sessions…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile solution by video posted on YouTube   Definately worth checking out to see how CWRMobility have combined the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Windows Mobile   John O’DonnellMicrosoft Dynamics ISV Architect EvangelistMicrosoft Corporation (b)  (b)  (w)  


Automating your home with Microsoft Robotics Studio

Microsoft Senior Software Architect Charles Stacy Harris was recently interviewed on .NET Rocks talking about his article on Home Automation with Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008. Interesting to see another use for MSRS beyond controlling autonomous robots.     John O’DonnellMicrosoft Dynamics ISV Architect EvangelistMicrosoft Corporation (b)  (b)  (w)