Windows Home Server Power Pack 2 and Recorded TV

Power Pack 2 has been released, huzzah!  There are a lot of new features in the box for remote access but my favourite has to be the Media Centre Connector.  This enables your Media Centre to access your Home Server shares a lot easier, including recorded TV.

Now, your Media Centre will still be recording to a local hard disk so you will need to either manually copy your recorded TV files across to your server or do what I do and use a scheduled task.  I have created a scheduled task which calls robocopy using a few switches to move old files.


robocopy.exe “e:\recorded tv” “\\server\recorded tv” /minage:7 /mov /z


The above command will move all recorded TV to the given share from the given local source when it reaches the minimum age.  The /z switch makes it restartable in case of network issues.

For me, PP2 has been fantastic for this feature alone.  My Media Centre is built using a laptop hard disk to keep things quieter which means that it can get cramped on the disk.  This solves that problem superbly.


My thanks to the WHS team 🙂


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