Foldershare and Warcraft Addons

So, my name is Jason and I play World of Warcraft.  Shock, horror, etc...  The problem is that I play WoW on my Mac and on my laptop when I am out and about.  As with most players I have amassed quite a collection of AddOns since I started playing and keeping them up to date on both machines is a bit of a hassle, the fact I use AddOns which track my game play keeping the data synced manually would be even worse.

Foldershare helps out here, as the AddOns and settings files are platform neutral simply copying the files between machines will maintain the data and thanks to Foldershare this can be done automatically.

For this you will need two libraries in Foldershare, synchronising the "WoW\Interface\AddOns" and the "WoW\WTF\Accounts\USERNAME" folders.  In my case I used my Home Server as a third party machine so as soon as I finish playing the files are updated on the server, when I log on to my laptop the files there are synced.  Would work with just two machines but you would have to be careful as if files were edited on both machines there may be issues with conflicts...

Still, the principle is sound and will likely work with save games and similar for other games.

Remember, Enjoy Warcraft Responsibly...


EDIT:  Should probably have added a link for Foldershare in here somewhere...
Also, if your AddOns save information about thier position then if you have different resolutions you may have to tweak things a little.

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