HomeServer Addins: The Essential Collection

An FAQ I am seeing internally is what Addins do people recommend for use with WHS so I am putting together this list to advertise a few that people may have missed and a little justification for each.  At the minute I only consider two truly invaluable, there are others out there I have looked at but these for me really stand out.  I will add to this list over time as I find others of note and maybe even a few of my own...

Program Launcher

This addin gives a new tab and the ability to start a program from within the WHS console, it even includes a desktop icon so you have desktop access.  The reason I find this essential is because by adding taskmgr.exe and clicking on the users tab you can connect to the homeserver console session or switch between active sessions very easily. This does require the console session to be active but as mine always is that is not an issue for me.  At worst you could always add "mstsc /console" to Program Launcher which will start a console session which you could then switch too.  Messy but if you need access to the console session messy will do in a pinch!


Web Folders 4 WHS

This addin which I came across today simplyfies the setup of web folder access to homeserver.  For those not familiar with web folders they allow you to mount a network location as a drive in Windows.  This addin also allows any WebDAV client to access homeserver as well though this is something I have not tried.  Put it this way, I have access to my shares on homeserver via an explorer window, as this uses https this is still secure and very convenient.  For those who use WHS to transfer work files between home and office you can drag a file in at one end, get to the other and have it waiting.  Bandwidth constraints will effect this obviously...

WebGuide for WHS

Allows WHS users to access thier media remotely either from the browser or from within a stand alone player.  For those days when you forget your generic audio player and need music at work or are simply at a party with a soundtrack that sucks, this add on is invaluable.  Be warned that (unless the setup has changed) when you install WebGuide it performs an "iisreset /stop" until configuration completes.  If you are installing this remotely (ie not from home) this may cause a few issues with Remote Access until you get home, Remote Desktop to home server and finish the installation.  I didn't fall foul of this issue, honest...

Thats it for now, i will add more as I find or remember them!


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  1. Not exactly a Home Server addin so I didn’t add it to The List but I’m finding that FolderShare is yet

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