Renaming a TFS 2005 ATDT (Single Server Deployment)

The TFS training continues, today we were asked to rename a machine hosting a TFS ATDT.  Easier said than done, though if you need to ask what ATDT means you probably shouldn't even think of attempting what I describe!  For those curious souls, ATDT refers to "Application Tier, Data Tier" meaning that both the application and data aspects of TFS are installed on the same machine rather than on separate systems.  This is often the better option for smaller teams of Developers.

I was using the following article as my guide, there were a few errors in the article which are being addressed though in the mean time here is a guide to most of the pitfalls.  Another thing to note is that though the name suggests this is for a Data Tier only, there is a note at the top of the article which states the steps are also true for an ATDT.  In case anyone is interested, this is classed as an "Environmental Move" as the envirnment that TFS runs in was changed.

How to: Rename a Data-Tier Server 

After renaming the machine, a restart is required otherwise your "new" database instance will not be found, this isn't listed in the article though needs doing.

If reporting server reports it is not available, open reporting services configuration and navigate to "Database Setup" and correct the computer name if incorrect.  Apply and restart the instance if needed.

When you get to the setupwarehouse.exe line, append the given command line with the following "-mturl http://servername:port"

If you have issues with sharepoint services after following through all the steps please check out the following KB article.

Please note, even if the server name is correct it may be best to follow step four rather than skipping it.


This isn't meant to be the ultimate guide though hopefully it will help someone out there, if not myself if this ever crops up again!


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