Report Viewer Throwing a 404 Error on Printing or Export

I had a case recently that was peculiar to say the least and took some interesting troubleshooting, to resolve.  The issue was as follows;My customer was hosting the Report Viewer control in a site in IIS and when they tried to print or export a report it intermittently failed with an HTTP404 error. We took…


Personal Projects and My Blogs

This blog has long been a combination of professional and personal posts, insofar as I post about my personal projects and not gossip, but I’ve decided to split the two apart.  From now on this blog will cover technologies I support at work and my personal blog will cover my personal projects and other Microsoft…


SSRS 2005 Issue: ‘Method not Found: CleanCurrentUserName()’ and ‘Report Server is not responding’

I’ve been researching an issue today relating to a problem with SSRS 2005, the symptoms are as follows; 1. “Report server is not responding” error in the browser when connecting to the Report Manager website.2. The following message in an ASP.NET entry in the application event log on the server:      Exception information:        Exception type:…


TCP Provider Error/Semaphore Timeout from an SSIS Package

I had a particularly tricky case recently that took a while to track down the cause, sharing in case it helps save anyone a few weeks of thier time and thier blood pressure! Symptoms An SSIS package fails with the following error; Executing the query “Some_Query” failed with the following error: “A transport-level error has…


SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Logging

This is another post that is for my own reference though likely useful to a number of people is on on the topic of SSRS logging.  For the most part all the information you will need is at the following link; For issues with SSRS in native mode enabling HTTP logging is very useful…


Installing Reporting Services 2005 on Windows Server 2008 R2

I’ve recently moved to the SQL Developer Team and I’m currently building a one stop SQL machine with SQL 2005, 2008 and 2008 R2 (all 64bit versions) side by side and I’ve come across an issue installing SSRS 2005.  There are plenty of blog posts out there stating that IIS6 compatability must be installed and that .NET 32bit on 64bit…


Installing TFS 2010 RC on Windows Home Server

A quick update to my previous post regarding installing TFS 2020 Beta2 on Windows Home Server, the recently released RC installs as easy and the steps to enable secure remote access are the same. Regards, Jason


Visual Studio 2010 and TFS 2010 VM Factory

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 VM Factory guidance has shipped!  This is the first Rangers Project I contributed to that has shipped so it is with no small pride either! The Factory is a set of scripts and guidance that…


Home Server and Media Centre Posts: New Home

Howdy, For those who may have noticed a decrease in the number of non-TFS related posts on here you may be interested in heading over to my personal blog.  I’ve decided to separate professional and personal projects so most of my Home Server and Media Centre posts now go up over there. It’s a…


Installing TFS 2010 Beta2 on Windows Home Server

 Updated:  This precedure also works for TFS 2010 RC using the latest bits.  After many attempts to install TFS 2008 on WHS I ended up giving up on the whole idea.  Reporting Services and WSS kept throwing up roadblocks periodically and seemed to make it more hassle that it’s worth.  From the first rumbling I…