Fixing the Silverlight Design Time in a Windows Azure Cloud Service

This is a workaround for the following configuration: Visual Studio 2008 (works fine on VS 2010) Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio February 2010 Release Silverlight 3 Tools for Visual Studio 2008 Building a Silverlight application in a Windows Azure Cloud Service This is the issue reported in this forum thread. To reproduce the…


Debugging Silverlight in a Web Role on the Development Fabric

As part of the announcement of the January 2009 CTP of the Windows Azure Tools was “Added support to debug Silverlight in a Web Role”.  I’ll go into more detail about that in this post in 2 ways: Adding Silverlight to a Web Role Configuring the Silverlight debugger Note: Developing Silverlight applications in Visual Studio…


Silverlight MediaElement Playing a Video stored in Windows Azure Blob Storage

There are two things that I want to show in this post: That you can use Silverlight in a Windows Azure Cloud Service That you can stream a movie progressively via http (more about that here) from Windows Azure Blob storage The code is attached to this blog post.  Note that you will have to…


Thank you for your feedback on Silverlight Control Licensing

Recently a posted a set of questions around Silverlight Control licensing.  I was really happy with the number of responses I got.  Thank you all for replying. To give you an idea of what the responses were like: 15/17 Control Vendors license their controls 15/15 write their own LicenseProvider or roll their own system (no…


Silverlight Licensing for 3rd Party Controls

For any of you building 3rd party controls for Silverlight – I really need your feedback! We are looking at what the requirements should be licensing – and how important it is to you that we provide licensing support (i.e. LicenseProvider) for Silverlight controls. 1) Do you use the LicFileLicenseProvider or do you roll your…


XAML Object Mapping and WPF XAML Vocabulary Specifications

XAML specification published, added to Microsoft’s open promise Specs that are shared include the following: ·         Xaml Object Mapping Specification 2006 ·         WPF Xaml Vocabulary Specification 2006 If you are looking to write a file format import/export tool, these will definetly be a great help to you.


Cider (WPF and Silverlight Designer and Tools Team) is Hiring!

Want to work on the designer and tools for WPF and Silverlight?  Here’s your opportunity, and it’s an amazing one. We’re really excited about all the cool work we have coming in the next Visual Studio release, code named Dev10 and the division is investing in Cider in order to ensure that we have the…


See Jackass 2.5 Free Courtesy of Blockbuster and experience Silverlight

Cider is currently known as the “WPF Designer for Visual Studio” but we’re also in the works of being known as the “Silverlight Designer for Visual Studio”.  In other words, we care about Silverlight and the following is pretty cool: ·         On December 19th, Blockbuster will premiere the first full-length feature film, Jackass 2.5, directly…