Windows Azure WCF Add Service Reference Patch and Windows 7

For those of you that watched my Tips & Tricks session at PDC or followed along on my blog post, you'll recall that I mentioned the following:

In general, WCF works correctly on Windows Azure.  There is a problem using "add service reference" or svcutil but we have a patch to workaround the problem.  The patch is installed in the cloud, and more information about this is here: (note that a web.config change is also required)

One of the things this prompted a lot of folks to ask is "Where is the Windows 7 version of this patch?"

Well, I'm happy to announce that we have released this QFE for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2:

I also recommend that if you are using WCF on Windows Azure, you spend time browsing the content on

You may also be interested in the REST service templates the WCF team has made available on the Visual Studio Gallery: (this is the .NET 3.5 C# template, there are also .NET 3.5 VB and .NET 4 C# and VB templates)

Note that the REST templates aren't currently directly supported as a Windows Azure Role in the New Project Dialog, but you can easily use that template in a Windows Azure Cloud Service by following the "Using an Existing Project" section of this post.

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