Videos of the Windows Azure Sessions at PDC09

Here are the videos of the Windows Azure sessions at PDC09.  Lots of useful content, the sessions were well attended and well received.

At the time of this writing, some of the videos are not yet posted but they will be by the end of the week.


Windows Azure Sessions

My session -- Tips and Tricks for Using Visual Studio 2010 to Build Applications that Run on Windows Azure


Learn to Develop for Windows Azure

Windows Azure Storage

Windows Azure as an Open Platform

SQL Azure Sessions


Comments (5)

  1. stevennagy says:

    Hi Jim,

    I’m having trouble pulling them down. They start downloading and then finish at around 15mb. I had no problems yesterday.

    Is there another way to get them down? Last year I had no probs pulling down all of the content.



  2. Hi stevennagy – can you try again?  There isn’t any reason you shouldn’t be able to download the videos, it may have just been a temporary problem with the site or perhaps just a lot of traffic.

  3. atsuper says:

    I’m having the same problem with the MP4 files. They all get cut off about 30% through the download. The WMV’s download fine for me.

    Are you planning to mirror the downloads anywhere?



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