Windows Azure Tools and Visual Studio 2010

Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio


Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio extend Visual Studio to enable the creation, building, configuring, debugging, running and packaging of scalable web applications and services on Windows Azure.


Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 – Coming Soon!


We’re putting the final touches on our upcoming November release of the Windows Azure Tools, SDK and cloud which will support Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2. 


We’re really excited about this release as not only does it support Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2, but it also adds a new UI over the service definition and configuration files, adds new template options for creating roles, improves debugging integration with the development fabric and integrates with a number of new platform features and improvements.


Please check back regularly for availability. In the meantime, if you have Visual Studio 2008, you can use the Microsoft Web Platform Installer 2.0 to get the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

You can also learn more about Windows Azure at

Comments (8)

  1. seo2 says:


    Thanks for this post.


  2. sricard says:

    I installed VS2010 after installing the Azure SDK’s.  The cloud add-ins do not show up in my 2010 installation (I also have 2008 installed where the cloud add-ins) do show up.

    Do I need to rerun the install?

  3. Windows Azure Tools need to be installed after Visual Studio.  

    You’ll have to uninstall/reinstall to have the tools show up in VS. (you could do repair you if you have the MSI, but we don’t ship the MSI outside of our chained installer)

  4. alexandrupaul says:

    Could you provide a date when azure for visual studio 2010 beta 2 is going to be released. because we want to start a test project and we realy depend on this.


  5. alexandrupaul — I can’t give you a date but I will say that we’ll make an announcement at or by PDC ’09 (starts Nov 17) that will answer your question.

  6. alexandrupaul says:

    by the way

    we have read here:

    we are currently bizpark members. every package includes bizspark members. thats mean we can get windows azure for free on any package (of course with the limitation for every package) from february 2010 ?

    thank you 🙂

  7. I don’t know anything more about that program then what’s on that page but can talk to the right folks if you need more information — certainly appears like it and appears to be like a great program!

  8. alexandrupaul says:

    bizspark it’s a program for startups and helped us a lot with free software for development and free licenses for hosting your application. but we cannot afford the hardware for hosting our applications and the cloud is the best option we have.:)

    i tried to contact microsoft in my country but the support center don’t give us any information on this.

    if you could get more details on this it would be wonderful and could help many others.

    thank you very much. (excuse my english)

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