Windows Azure Tools session at Mix ’09 – Come on down!

For those of you who are attending Mix '09, it'd be great if you could come check out my tools talk on Windows Azure: (click on "Azure")

MIX09-T81M Using the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio to Build Cloud Services
Friday March 20 |9:25 AM-9:45 AM | San Polo 3401
By: Jim Nakashima  Tags: ASP.NET | Azure
Come hear how to use the Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio to more easily create, build, debug, deploy, run and package scalable services on Windows Azure.

I really hope to see some of you there -- please come by to chat, I'd really like to get some first hand feedback about the Tools and Platform. 

I should also mention, if you've seen Steve Marx talk, you know not to miss it, if you haven't, definitely check it out:

MIX09-T09F Building Web Applications with Windows Azure
Wednesday March 18 |4:00 PM-5:15 PM | San Polo 3504
By: Steve Marx  Tags: Azure
Come learn how to use Windows Azure to build a scalable Web application and deploy it to the cloud.

Other Windows Azure sessions:

MIX09-T07F Overview of Windows Azure
Wednesday March 18 |2:15 PM-3:30 PM | San Polo 3504
By: Manuvir Das  Tags: Azure
Curious about cloud computing? Come learn how to use Windows Azure to better address key challenges of running Internet-scale applications in the cloud. Also hear about the essential concepts of Windows Azure, including what's new.

MIX09-T38F See through the Clouds: Introduction to the Azure Services Platform
Wednesday March 18 |11:30 AM-12:45 PM | San Polo 3504
By: James Conrad  Tags: Azure
Come hear how Microsoft is building a new platform for applications, and learn about the key services that compose the platform as well as how to get started. Also hear Microsoft's roadmap for the Azure Services Platform and learn about new features that will be added.

MIX09-T08F Windows Azure Storage
Thursday March 19 |10:30 AM-11:45 AM | San Polo 3504
By: Brad Calder  Tags: Azure
Come hear about the highly available and massively scalable cloud storage service that is provided by Windows Azure. Learn how to create and access the different types of Windows Azure storage available, including blobs, tables, and queues.

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    You’ll find many more Azure and Azure-related MIX 09 presentations listed at Azure-Related Sessions at MIX 09 (


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