Potential Crash in VS when using the MVC RC on Windows Azure

I've received some comments as well as have been contacted by a couple of customers about an issue they have been seeing when using the MVC RC in a Windows Azure Cloud Service project in Visual Studio.

That is, when you are using the project/following the steps from this post or this post.

The problem is that Visual Studio crashes with a CLR fail fast when doing an operation such as opening or creating a new view using the MVC tools.

We gave a repro to the CLR team and they indicated that the crash is due to a known issue in the CLR that affects more than just this scenario.

A patch (from the CLR team) is in the works and I'll post when it becomes available.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  1. iain.pendergast@gmail.com says:

    I have found this situation as well, and causes VS2008 to crash about 1/2 of the time when started up and loading an MVC/Azure project, or opening an ASPX page in the project.

    A workaround that works for me is load the project into the IDE (may tke several attempts), then go into the MVC project’s references, and remove the reference that ends in .Client (the exact name has excaped my mind).

    Then rebuild (will fail with errors), and then open an ASPX page in your project (which will load successfully). Re-add the reference that you removed, and rebuild the project (will be successful).

    Sadly until there ia a fix I have to do this each time I load the project into VS.

    I hope this helps until a fix is found!

  2. mh415 says:

    I just successfully worked through the Azure/MVC.NET project discussed in this PDC talk:


    It uses Azure Table Storage "in the cloud" and not "on the desktop".  

    Anyhow, what Pablo does in that talk works for me.  TODO: membership, roles, & developing against local Development Fabric.  I have enough to get started though.

  3. KristoferA says:

    I have written an add-in for VS2008 that sneaks in "before" the usual loader in VS and preloads assemblies from the config and/or project file(s).

    It also has a per-project persisted list of assemblies and in what order to load them so the load order can be ‘tweaked’ if needed. The add-in fixed this issue on my repro system and hopefully it will help others too that are affected by the dreaded ‘VS silent death’ bug.

    The add-in can be downloaded from:


    (installation instructions contained within the zipfile – all that is needed is to copy the files to the VS2008 add-in directory and the add-in takes care of the rest)

  4. KristoferA says:

    FYI – the kb963676 hotfix also solved the problem on my repro system.

  5. KristoferA – you are stealing my thunder 🙂 — I am preparing a post on that hotfix.  That is the patch from the CLR team that is in the works that I mention in this post.

    Right now, you can only get it by contacting Microsoft Support directly and the KB article is not yet live.  My post will go live soon.

  6. KristoferA says:

    @jnak sorry. Just got the patch yesterday and was very happy to see that it solved it on my repro system.

    In the meantime, those who can’t wait for the hotfix to go public can use my free assembly loader add-in; it also solved it for all repro cases I had for this issue. After applying the kb963676 patch just remove the add-in.

    Details on:


  7. For those of you that have been unfortunate enough to experience the VS crash when using the ASP.Net

  8. KristoferA says:

    @jnak that’s great – the patch will make many VS users very happy

  9. We released CodeSmith 5.1 with the new requirements of the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 . One of our

  10. We released CodeSmith 5.1 with the new requirements of the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 . One of our

  11. mahsun says:

    NET Framework when you want software that runs on the opening gives me this error

    (fatal error!instal latest .net framework)

    Please help

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