Windows Azure How Do I Videos

We just released 9 of 40 "How Do I" videos on using the Azure Services Platform - right now the videos target Windows Azure, .Net Services, and Live Services. 

There are 5 videos related to Windows Azure:

I still recommend my Quick Lap Around the Tools video walkthrough for the Getting Started video though 🙂

Hope these are helpful to you.  If they motivate you to download the tools and SDK, as I hope they will, they can be found here:

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  1. The first 9 of 40 Azure Services Platform "How Do I" videos have been released! Windows Azure is well

  2. Link Listing – February 12, 2009

  3. ASP.NET ASP.NET Wire Format for Model Binding to Arrays, Lists, Collections, Dictionaries [Via: Scott…

  4. We’re really starting to get a solid set of resources out there for Windows Azure developers! Cloud Computing

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