Windows Live Web Role for Windows Azure

In my prior post that talked about the difference between the Cloud Service templates and the Role templates I mentioned that out of the box, we only supported one kind of Web Role -- an ASP.Net Web Application.  (that is, if you used the Roles node in the Cloud Service (ccproj) project to add or replace a Web Role, you only got the option to add an ASP.Net Web Application.

The cool thing is that we made the role templates extensible so other teams can add in Windows Azure versions of their templates.

The first team to do this? The Windows Live Tools team -- they have an add-in to make incorporating Windows Live services into your Web application easier.

Check out Vikas' post on the Windows Live Tools release that has templates for Windows Azure.  This is really cool:

(and before you ask, there isn't an add-in for ASP.Net MVC at this point.  We do have a sample project that will make it easy for you to get started with MVC on Windows Azure)

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  1. Recently I posted about the Windows Live Tools Web Role Template that integrates with the Windows Azure

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