Video Walkthrough: A Quick Lap around Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio

Watch my screencast that introduces you to the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio.


Comments (6)

  1. Have a look at Jim’s video walkthrough .

  2. Vikas Ahuja says:

    As you already noticed, Windows Live Tools – November 2008 CTP is available and introduces templates

  3. Wanna learn about the future of software + services well wait no longer Windows Azure is here and below

  4. We just release a bunch of videos on using the Azure Services Platform – Windows Azure, .Net Services,

  5. mh415 says:

    No luck playing this in WMP. What’s up?

  6. @mh415 — you’ve certainly been busy ramping up on Windows Azure 🙂  Other folks haven’t had the same issue as you have playing the video — can you play any of the videos from this link?

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