Submitting a Bug against the Windows Azure Tools and SDK

If you have questions you want to have answered, or want to participate in community discussions, the Windows Azure Forum is a great place to go. 

If you've found a bug or have a suggestion, submitting a bug/suggestion directly to our product team is a great way to help us identify the issues that exist and to help us build a better product. 

Reporting a bug also allows you to track the progress of the issue, which is harder to do if we open a bug report for you in our internal systems. Also, customer reported issues get higher priority, so it's more likely to be fixed. 

To submit a bug against the Windows Azure Tools and SDK, please go to the Microsoft Visual Studio Connect site:

Sign in with your Live ID and click on "Submit a bug" or "Submit a Suggestion".

You will then be taken to the following page:


Where in the Version combobox, you can select either "Windows Azure SDK" or "Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio".


Often times bugs are hard to reproduce, which makes it hard for us to address them. If you can let us know what the exact steps for creating the problem from scratch are then that makes it easier for us to track down and fix the bug. 

What behavior you expected as well as stack traces, error messages and any other diagnostic information really helps as well.

You can also attach a solution or project that reproduces the problem. If at all possible, please narrow down the code and the solution to the simplest possible form that reproduces the problem. Please remove any intellectual property or personal identifiable information from your samples. 

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  1. Jim’s just posted about how to submit a bug against the Windows Azure Tools and SDK .

  2. paris101 says:

    I cannot tell how to submit a bug here. I click the link Windows Azure Forum, and yes i am signed in, and I get you are not authorized.

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